Something is rotting in the state of Denmark.
Or how the Danish state supports an evil mother destroying a relationship between a son and his father.
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In December of 2013 the final divorce papers came through,my ex wife had filed for divorce earlier in the year.

Unfortunately after 12 years together, she has turned out to be something that I had never expected her to be.A person who is continually using our now 7 year old boy to destroy me in any way she can.

It matters not that she hurts our child.It has become all about her,a restless spirit.

She truly hates me,it is though she has become possessed by some evil entity.

As strange as it may sound I believe it may be a possibility as I suspect that at least one person she has befriended and allows near our child used numerology to change his name.I noticed that he had used 6 6 6 to create his new name.

Whether she friended him before or during the process of divorce I can not say.

Presently our child loves both his mother and father,but those parents who become the targets of a hateful parent know that this can change after subtle manipulation of the child.The child becomes a victim and often turns against the other parent that they no longer live with.And stop wanting to visit the other parent.

The damage is done,spirits are broken,the psychological abuse comes up trumps for the sick parent.

In truth they do not love their child.

Alas it is not required by law that you have to love your child,what is love?
Nor is it illegal to be a satanist.

In a few days time I will start to document the journey of a father´s journey through what can only be described as madness,hatred,evil,and all aided by a Danish system that cares not for the needs of the child to have two loving parents in their life.

Parental alienation needs urgent attention and observation now! Not only here in Denmark,but the U.K. and all over the world..